Meaning “fortunate” in Arabic, Zada is an ode to refinement and luxury. Be charmed by Middle Eastern hospitality as you relax into a crush of satin cushions. Let perfumed incense and fountains brimming with roses charm your sense. Relish the richness of homestyle Turkish dishes and be enchanted by the shadow play of light through beaded lamps. Share stories over mouthfuls of spiced mezza. And, when you can’t eat another bite, relinquish yourself to the intensity of the night as belly dancers entice you.


Zada by weekday is a striking destination for corporate clientele and busy about-towners.  Inspired by Turkish interiors, Zada’s refined exoticism is an impressive backdrop  for truly Turkish experience. Authentic  homestyle Turkish cusine is featured in a very Authentic Menu. An abundance of food is presented continuously, accompanied by a discreet but slick service. The wine list is a blend of heritage Middle Eastern labels and classic selections. We invite you to relax, whilst professional and friendly  staff support your lunch meeting or daytime pause or sophisticated dinners.


Glamorous and alluring, Zada by night is unashamedly feminine. A softly-lit Turkish lights leads guests to the shimmering dining expanse. From the interior to the menu, artisan elements abound: handcrafted chandeliers and authentic dishes featuring ingredients imported from their  place of origin. Let the ambience work its subtle magic for another unforgettable  evening. Lunch is served from 12noon to 5pm (Sat to Sun).